Maduro: National Assembly will be recovered for the people

Hace 2 años.

“The National Assembly must be recovered, because only the Revolution is a standard to defend the sovereignty and rights of the Venezuelan people”, stressed the Head of State, Nicolas Maduro, during a telephone call held within the Homeland Congress, parliamentary chapter, held in the Ríos Reyna Hall of the Teresa Carreño Theater.

The National President assured on Wednesday that the right wing has devoted to vagrancy and meanwhile, recommended the Parliamentary Bloc of the Homeland to go to the media to inform the people, and through all networks.

He invited the right wing back to a dialogue without conditions to overcome all circumstances that is facing the country, generated by opposition sectors.

Finally, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, pointed out that the adeco (*)-bourgeois assembly has failed in all its claims of privatizing the laws that the Bolivarian Government has developed as a guarantor of the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people.

(*) Adeco: Anything or anyone belonging to the right-wing “Acción Democrática” political party.