Maduro: Justice will come to those who ask to expel Venezuela from Mercosur

Hace 1 año.

“In the international arena we are defeating imperialism in its attempts to isolate Venezuela with those Homeland-sellers who from the National Assembly conspire daily against the sovereignty and security of Venezuela “.

This was stated by the Head of State, Nicolas Maduro, during Tuesday night where he also added that the Venezuelan people will defeat the traitors, “Justice will come for the traitors of the Homeland, for those who ask to expel Venezuela from Mercosur “.

He said that the Bolivarian Government will not allow them to set the nation on fire, peace will overcome, which has been publicly exposed since September 1st, in order to disrupt the meeting of 120 nations in Margarita Island, where Venezuela received the presidency of the Non-Aligned Countries Movement.

“Anyone who acts against its Homeland is destined to get dried out in solitude.”

He said that, of fulfilling the project of the Triple Alliance between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, sovereignty would be imposed.

“What the fascist Triple Alliance is trying to do has no name, they can not question any longer the pro-tempore presidency, and they pretend to expel us out from Mercosur, if they take us out by the door, we will get back in again by the window, but we will not be expelled from Mercosur”.

The Head of State said that they will remain in battle for Bolivar’s homeland, for South America and for all humanity.

“The only way to prosper is with a world in balance, we must be inserted with force, nobody respects the weak, no one in the world respect the cowards, they respect the strong, the brave, farsighted, to those of us who make ourselves be respected, and the imperialism knows we do not receive orders from nobody”, he said.