Maduro is doing what Chavez would have done to defend the Homeland

Hace 11 meses.

The member of the Zamora 200 Constituent Command, Aristóbulo Istúriz, said this Monday that before the impossibility of dialoguing with the Venezuelan opposition, the Head of State appealed to a superior dialogue that is led by the people through the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), and assured that this method would be the one that would have used Commander Hugo Chavez to face this situation.

“The right wing wants there to be a confrontation between Venezuelans, what is called a Civil War, in order for them to facilitate a foreign diplomatic or military interference. That is why what is at stake is the Homeland, it is at stake the first goal of the Homeland Plan: The Independence, we are obliged to defend it, and a way to do it is the way President Maduro is doing. Maduro is doing just what Chavez would have done”, said Istúriz.

He emphasized that the Venezuelan people is the source of the original power, therefore, it is solely responsible for choosing between peace and the advance of the Bolivarian Revolution, or the violence and terrorism promoted by the Venezuelan right wing.

“Today President Maduro, faithfully assuming the legacy of Chávez at a difficult time for the country due to the overflowing of violence, he calls on the people so that it is our people who decides. Now we are the vanguard of that people, we cannot stand with our arms crossed waiting to see what happens, we have to work to make happen whatever has to happen: A victory of the National Constituent Assembly!”