Maduro: Imperialist interests seek to isolate and divide us

Hace 2 años.

“They have tried to condemn us to isolation, to division, and despite being brothers, to look at each other with fear”, warned on Monday night the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, and stressed the importance of keeping up with the unbreakable union.

In this sense, Maduro, after a meeting with Prime Minister of Guinea Bissau, Carlos Correia, highlighted the brotherly relations between the two countries, and stressed that precisely the union of the peoples determined to be free and sovereign is essential to defeat the imperial pretenses of domination.

Subsequently, the National President welcomed the visit to Venezuela by Prime Minister Correia and his team, and the signing of several cooperation agreements between the two countries.

He thanked the people of Guinea-Bissau and its Government for the demonstrations rejecting the Executive Order by the Government of the United States, in which Venezuela is designated as an “Unusual and extraordinary threat to the security” of that country, a decree that aims to hit the stability, peace, sovereignty and self-determination of the homeland of Simon Bolivar.

He recalled that the onslaught by the US empire against Venezuela, is due to that this Latin American Nation represents an example of dignity, brotherhood and justice for the peoples of the world.