Maduro: If they don’t meet with requirements there will be no referendum, and that’s it

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, said that of not being met the legal requirements in the request for a revoking referendum before the National Electoral Council, there will be unworkable the development of this process.

“If the CNE says they have met the requirements and we have made our judicial proceedings, and the judicial and electoral powers say ‘Yes, the referendum will be held in March next year”, then we will go to the revoking referendum and we will win it with the people on the streets; I have faith and certainty on that this will be so, whichever day they may put it next year”, he said.

In a public ceremony held in the Poliedro de Caracas venue, he said that, of breaching the regulatory process, the decision of the CNE must be respected “And the country must accept this sovereign decision in peace”.

He warned the citizens that the process has been fraudulent so far, and therefore urged them to verify their Identity Cards on the database enabled by the rector body on their website, and demand for counterfeiting if deemed necessary.