Maduro: Economic Actions in the social field have had immediate results

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, said on Monday during an interview with the  “7 Preguntas Con” (7 Questions With) program, led by Ernesto Villegas in the Telesur TV station, that advances in economy matters in the country will be given progressively regarding the engines, but that the results in the social field have immediate results.

“The first action is to protect the people and that has immediate results, with the pensions that have already been delivered (…) with the missions card, I have already delivered the first ones, soon I will give 25,000 more directly to the households, it is at 14,500 VEB, as part of the economic support to the family, and other measures we are taking”, explained the Head of State.

In relation to the overall stabilization of the economy in the country, he said it will cost work, but that the plan is already made and on track with the Bolivarian Economic Agenda and with the activation of the engines, “It is not easy to lead this boat headwind, and with a barrel of oil at that price, but we will advance forward”.

“In the context of the engines, we are already in the restructuring of the Alimentation System with the House-By-House Mercal that should get in the short term to 500,000 people in the first phase, has started the 800 SALUDYA (HEALTHNOW) toll-free number as an emergency measure to address all it has to do with the programmed shortages, led by the economic war”, said the President.

He also noted that Venezuela is in a real economic emergency, “but the people have their jobs, their work, free education is maintained, we have just increased the minimum wage and today was given the  adjustment to the public administration”.