Maduro denounced a scenario of violence to justify a military intervention in the country

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, warned on Tuesday that over Venezuela is being prepared a scenario of violence in order to justify a military intervention.

From the Miraflores Palace, in the company of national and international media, Maduro said: “I make a denounce to the world, over Venezuela is being mounted a scenario of violence in order to justify a foreign intervention of a military character, they do believe that the time has come, after the coup d’ etat in Brazil. ”

He explained that media attacks create the conditions “To justify anything (…) there we have the lies that were fabricated on the people of Iraq, for example, it was a geopolitical decision”.

Maduro also denounced that the center of planning and financing the campaign of aggression against Venezuela is located in Washington, and it has an axis of operations between Madrid, Bogota and Miami.

The same script as in Brazil:

The Head of State added that “this international campaign, unveils plans and intentions (…) it is the modus operandi of these oligarchies, of this empire.”

He asserted that the country’s affairs should be resolved by the Venezuelans themselves, and manifested that the empire “Will not achieve the goals they are looking for, especially after the coup d’ etat in Brazil. It is the same geopolitics, the imperial geopolitics, it is the geopolitics to reconquest Latin America and the Caribbean”.

“To conquer, to reconquer and, wherever they can not conquer, then to promote division, which is what they have done with our sister Brazil, What have they done? To stop it, because it began to emerge as a great power of peace”, he said.