Maduro called oil workers to the maximum productive efficiency

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, called the workers of the country to the maximum efficiency and production efficiency to help generate a new economic model to help overcome the rentier oil model inherited from the Fourth Republic.

Maduro said that “To generate happiness and hope,” the workers have given him their plans, adding “it makes me happy to commit to the future of the country, while what the right wing does is sabotage, what we do it is to fight, fight and fight; resist and triumph, that is the fate of our country. ”

Similarly he told the Venezuelans to join the production of rice, corn and support urban agriculture for each family to awaken the love for the land; “Cilia and I are planting tomatoes, cucumber, among others and we are happy about that.”

He noted that “we must all get engaged into work and production, I know that PDVSA and the working class is a backbone of the strength of our country and is a backbone of the future that the entire Venezuelan country deserves” to finish.