Maduro approved 100 projects for “Soy Mujer” funding program

Hace 2 años.

On Tuesday, the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, approved the implementation of 100 projects that will accompany the start of the “Soy Mujer” (I am a Female) funding program, created to support the productivity of Venezuelan females and for the development of communal economy.

“The family economy is the base (…) I will approve a hundred projects of productive economy only for Venezuelan women, to support entrepreneur women”, said the Head of State from Miraflores Palace, in the company of thousands of women who mobilized on Tuesday to protest the violence of the extreme right wing.

Tuesday of “Soy Mujer”:

“I wan you to devote from today, without fail, every Tuesday, from now until December 31, 2018, every Tuesday, I want them to be the Tuesdays of the “Soy Mujer” economy. Tuesday of credits, of generation of employment, of production”, said the Venezuelan leader.

Maduro called to take this funding program as the core of the actions being undertaken from the women, and “we will activate it with spirit, with love,” he said.