Maduro activated Industrial Engine: Economic project has to be social

Hace 2 años.

From the Simón Bolívar Hall of Miraflores Palace in Caracas, the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, headed on Thursday night the activation of the Industrial Engine, involving producers of the private and public sectors.

The President reiterated to the industrial sector that the goal of the entire economic project has to be the human being, the social scope, the state of welfare of the social missions, while recalling that the second line is to create a sustainable productive process that creates new sources of wealth, to break the rentier model, without affecting the Venezuelan people.

He further stated that there are coming large amounts of products to meet the needs of the country, within the framework of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda that seeks to protect the homes and the working family.

“The interests of (business) groups left Miraflores Palace many years ago”, said the National President.

For his part, the Vice President for the Economic Area, Miguel Pérez Abad, explained that the plan of the Industrial Motor is aimed to the full supplying and production of hard currency for Venezuela. The sectors that are accompanying us are the garment and textiles, and footwear.

As it may be recalled, the Bolivarian Economic Agenda includes the impulse to 14 engines covering the areas of agro-alimentary, pharmaceutical, industrial, new exports, to generate foreign exchange, communal, social and socialist economy; oil, petrochemical, mining, national and international, construction, forestry, military industrial tourism, telecommunications and information technology as well as public and private banking.