Maduro: 2017 will be the year of recovery of the economy and the welfare of our country

Hace 1 año.

“This 2017 will be the year of a recovery of the economic and social life, of the welfare and the peace of our country”, said on Saturday President Nicolás Maduro during the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the military rebellion of 4 Of February of 1992, in Maracay, Aragua state.

President Maduro stressed the importance of the “Carnet de la Patria” (Homeland Card) as a new instrument for deepening the reach of all the policies and social missions of the Bolivarian Revolution in the Venezuelan people.

“The Homeland Card is one of the central axes of the restructuring and reorganization of the Bolivarian Government to go to the catacombs of the people, to attend to the real needs of the people, and for the people to be protagonists of this new stage of the Revolution”, he explained from the Paez Barracks, located in Maracay, Aragua state, where he led an event to commemorate 25 years of the civic-military rebellion of February 4, 1992.

He also stressed the importance of strengthening the organization of Local Committees of Supply and Production (CLAP), as part of this economic offensive.

“We also have to multiply the CLAP in all communities, we have to improve supply, production, work in community, and strengthen the plan to reach 6 million households served by the CLAPs nationwide”, he said in a broadcast by Venezolana de Television.

In this sense, the President called on the organized People’s Power to keep alert, in constant work for the improvement of missions and great social missions, to make the Bolivarian Revolution increasingly irreversible.

“The oligarchy is fallen, but we cannot lower our guard, we have to be alert, alert with the new ambushes that they try to coordinate. We, meanwhile, 25 years after the awakening originated by the revolution of February 4, 1992, we are here with the Bolivarian Revolution, prepared to continue advancing in the new horizons and towards the new paths”, he said.

President Maduro reiterated the call for peace, and urged the revolutionary militancy “not to fall into provocations of the right wing”

“Although we are warriors and revolutionaries, we must learn to care for peace, and to maintain peace it is fundamental to maintain the original spirit of February 4, we must strengthen the military civic union, we must strengthen the union and affection of our National Bolivarian Armed Forces (FANB), refounded by our Commander Chavez, with the Venezuelan people”, he reflected.