Luis José Marcano: Venezuela will soon begin a phase of good news

Hace 2 años.

“The Bolivarian Government has full clarity that the majority of Venezuelans are making great efforts and have all the will to overcome the problems, resist the difficulties and advance forward in a peaceful way” .

The statement was made by the Minister for Communication and Information, Luis José Marcano, during the “El Desayuno” (The Breakfast) program, broadcast by Venezolana de Television, on which he announced that the country will soon get an answer to its struggles with positive news on economic and energy matters.

Faced with the constant psychological, political and economic aggression planned by the opposition against the Venezuelan people, the senior official stressed that “the sectors of the right wing who raised destabilization and the overthrowing of the Government, are beginning to step on land and realize that the political situation is another one entirely”.

In his statements, the head of the Communication office said that soon will begin a phase of “good news regarding the electrical system, the load management plan, and therefore there will be announcements in the coming hours, an increase in oil revenues and a very good tax collection. There are good news for the country and the upcoming months will be positive “.

“We have overcome a very difficult and complex stage during this first semester that is not over yet, we continue working on serious plans that pose great conquests and which will gradually correct the adversities in order to return to the path of victories and growth of our country.”