Let’s defeat the terrorist, coup plotting and fascist threats there are on the horizon

Hace 1 año.

“With the people always with the roost, with the people always called to battle, what are we without the people? Nothing, nobody (…) Let’s defeat all the terrorist, coup plotting and fascist threats there are on the horizon”. emphasized the national president, Nicolas Maduro, during the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the terrorist attack against Cubana de Aviación Airlines.

From the Principal Theater of Caracas, he stressed the need to “maintain a constant line of the construction and, secondly, to keep the battle, body to body, without releasing for a single second the capacity of defense, but mostly the attack capability for this battle at the end of 2016 to be decided in favor of peace in favor of the people of Venezuela “.

President Maduro referred to the threats of the Venezuelan right wing, such as the takeover of Caracas on September 1. “We did not underestimated it. They wanted September to be that of blood and coup, among other things, they had an obsession for Venezuela could not be able to make the Summit of Non-Aligned Countries Movement and for me not to receive the global control of that powerful movement that brings together 120 countries of the world”.

“They wanted to set Venezuela on fire so we could suspend this historic summit. And who was giving the orders, who is concerned about these issues? The U.S. empire, who marks every day everything we do, ” assured the head of state.