Legal actions will be taken against Julio Borges for attacks on the people and the economy

Hace 9 meses.

Jorge Arreaza, Minister of the People’s Power for Ecological Development, said that the Venezuelan State will take legal actions against Julio Borges for sending a letter to a mining event in Australia with the purpose of driving away the country’s investments.

Through his Twitter account, Arreaza shared the message Borges sent to Australia accompanied by the following message: “Letter sent by @JulioBorges to mining event in Australia to try to take away investments from Venezuela: Treason of the Homeland!”.

He emphasized that the “Venezuelan State will take the corresponding legal actions against Julio Borges before these attacks against our people and the economy”.

In another publication he said: “Traitor @JulioBorges failed. Mining Event in Australia is a success for Venezuela. Rows of potential investors at our stand”.

Venezuela participates in the “Latin America Down Under” conference, in Australia attending the interest of investors in national mining projects.