Learn why the privatization law promoted by the NA violates constitutional rights

Hace 2 años.

The Minister of People’s Power for Habitat and Housing, Manuel Quevedo, said on Monday that the Law on Property of Housing, approved by the National Assembly (AN) with an opposition majority and which was declared as unconstitutional by the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ), is a law which was intended to deny access to a worthy home for the Venezuelan people.

“It is a law where is virtually denied the access to housings to the Venezuelan people, this project was carried out in an irregular manner in which the right to property is denied, which is a constitutional right,” he said at a news conference from Ciudad Caribia in Vargas state.

For its part, the deputy of the Homeland Bloc, Ricardo Molina, said the law granting property titles of the Great Mission Housing Venezuela, was intended to go back to the past and said that it was made without a proper financial analysis .

“This modification they (the opposition) have approved had a terrific impact as 370 billion bolivars deemed necessary to acquire the missing land to reach 3 million homes, according to its speculative market, are needed 34 billion bolivars, ie, they wanted to make the Mission Housing unviable”.

He stressed that the opposition bloc did not consult the inhabitants of different urbanisms of GMVV for making the law, but if consulted real estate chamber and the banking sector.

“It made no effort to contact the community (…) was not taken into consideration international agreements (…) it is more important to them (the opposition) continue enriching robbing the people and the Venezuelan State.”

Molina also noted that the law does not comply with the principle of progressivity, it aims to repeal existing laws that protect the family property and noted that the legislation “sought to usurp functions, since it stipulated that a commission of deputies (opponents) will order the executive who to sell the lands and housings. “