Know what is about the Military Exercise “Independence 2016”

Hace 2 años.

1. The Minister of People’s Power for Defense, Vladimir Padrino Lopez, highlighted on Thursday that the integral military exercise “Independence 2016”, will strengthen the concept of the Civic-Military union.

2. He indicated that the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) have been in need to increase their training against the constant imperial threats.

3. “Venezuela, politically and strategically, is not a defensive country, but it does not renounce to offensive operations whenever deemed necessary”, said Padrino López.

4. This exercise will be held on Friday 20 and Saturday May 21, in all regions of integral defense and the 24 defense zones.

5. 520,000 military members will participate in the exercise ordered by President Nicolas Maduro.

6. The Bolivarian Militia will have a starring role in this practice.

7. The military activity will be joined by the “aerospace defense” regarding the denounce of the National President on the interference in the Venezuelan skies of a US plane.

8. He sentenced that this exercise does not seeks to cause any alarm in the country.