Know the nine themes proposed for the National Constituent Assembly

Hace 12 meses.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, explained that the National Constituent Assembly will allow the improvement of the Constitution of 1999, following vital issues that will allow to improve the quality of life of the Venezuelan people.

The vital topics for the Constituent Assembly are:

1.- To reaffirm the values of justice and to isolate the violent ones in order to achieve peace and stability of the nation.

2.- To perfect a new economic system and to overcome the post-oil model.

3.- To establish a State of social welfare, which has to do with giving constitutional character to all the Missions and Great Missions created by the Bolivarian Revolution in the country.

4.- To strengthen the National Security and the judicial, penitentiary, police system, in order to fight against impunity and terrorism.

5.- New forms of direct and participatory democracy, to constitutionalize the Communes and the Communal Power to bring it to the highest rank.

6.- The sovereign foreign policy in defense of our integrity and the construction of a new pluri-polar world. This point will allow the defense of national sovereignty for the rejection of any type of intervention.

7.- The cultural diversity of the Homeland.

8.- The guarantee of the rights and duties of Venezuelan youth in order to guarantee their future.

9.- The preservation of life on earth, adapting living conditions to help prevent global warming.