Know the announcements that will boost agricultural production in Venezuela

Hace 1 año.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, announced on Wednesday the new measures that will boost the country’s production as part of the agricultural production engine that drives the Bolivarian Economic Agenda in Revolution.

He informed that, firstly, will be made an immediate adjustment to the regulation of the Venezuelan Industrial Standards Commission (COVENIN 1935-1987), which punishes the yieldings of the producer for an immediate stimulus.

In the coming days will be adjusted the prices paid by producers for the harvest in order to improve it and also will be granted loans to farm workers for the purchase of agricultural machinery, from the Chinese- Venezuelan fund.

Regarding to the progress of the agro-alimentary engine, the President stressed that it is being increasing by 41% the agricultural portfolio this year.

“This year were planted 810,000 hectares of cereals in the winter cycle, representing a 95% of the target we set, and in turn this is an additional 19% of the planting last year, amid the economic war “said the Head of State, during an activity in Portuguesa state with the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, where were exposed the advances of the Great Mission Sovereign Supply.

Maduro said that “The harvest in Venezuela, until September 2016, is 163% higher than in 2015”.