JVR: Dialogue will save the people of Venezuela the pain from decades of shame

Hace 1 año.

Dialogue, an instrument that has proven useful to eradicate violence is a mechanism that should prevail in the Venezuelan political map to prevent the country to end in decades of violence and shame, said journalist and human rights activist José Vicente Rangel.

In his program “Jose Vicente Hoy” (Jose Vicente Today), broadcast by Televen, the former Vice President also repudiated that right wing political sectors insist on turning the dialogue-promoted by the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, into a traumatic issue, which further divides Venezuelans through mechanisms such as the disqualification of mediators.

It is surprising that people of a broad political experience, who know what the dialogue represents “as a device to address violence and create conditions to overcome severe institutional and human crisis, react when realize a proposal with broad national and international support shunning to take the commitment and making excuses, “said Rangel, who called to see the example of Colombia, which hopes to end five decades of war with the agreements reached after the talks in Havana, Cuba.

With this tool, “We in Venezuela have the opportunity to save ourselves the hardships and pains of decades of shame, by applying the formula that now allows Colombia to get out of the tunnel of violence,” he said.