JVR: Criticisms and questionings increase within the MUD

Hace 1 año.

Journalist José Vicente Rangel said Sunday that the criticisms and questionings grow within the self-called Democratic Unity Board (MUD), for the way they managed the subject of the recall referendum, because internally it is considered that they acted in the wrong way.

During his “José Vicente Hoy” (Jose Vicente Today) program, broadcast by Televen, he said the opposition leadership did not acted seriously to activate the referendum, because instead of requesting it on January 11, 2016 they did so four months afterwards, to which must be added the vices, errors and acts of a criminal nature that came out after the collection of 1% of firms.

“The conclusion on the wrong strategy of the opposition’s leadership is in sight. There is no possibility that the recall referendum takes place this year, and they neither have a chance to work on the regional elections, with which they are practically left without a cause, nor a flag, which leads the MUD to make the decision to call to take the streets, this is, to use the same old format of always based on violence”, he warned.

He further said that Vice Admiral Jesus Briceño Garcia, who participated in the Coup d’ Etat of April 2002, currently leads a group of active and retired officers who call themselves “the new patriotic junta” who pose the realization of a constituent in order to create the Sixth Republic after a hypothetical violent ousting of President Nicolas Maduro.