JVR: A retired General takes part in coup plan to overthrow the Government

Hace 2 años.

In his Sunday program, journalist Jose Vicente Rangel, reported that a retired General of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces is actively collaborating with the opposition in organizing conspiratorial activities to overthrow the Government of President Nicolas Maduro.

“The only thing he pursues with such an attitude is a Coup d’ Etat, to provoke an overflow of discontent on the streets, which ultimately may have the military support on which they are working (…) It is clear, for the majority of Venezuelans, that behind such plan is hidden the lust for power by a group of leaders who dare not to declare their true intentions. And which are these intentions? To consummate a vulgar Coup d’Etat, to overthrow the Constitutional President, Nicolas Maduro, to violate the Constitution and this unleashing a fierce revenge”, he said on Sunday.

The reporter noted that the retired general who is working with the opposition to generate a Coup d’Etat in the country has a financial and technical support very similar to the one received by the Coup perpetrators in 2002.