Julio Chavez: Opposition no longer wants referendum and deceives its followers

Hace 1 año.

The deputy of the Parliamentary Bloc of the Homeland, Julio Chavez, said the opposition leadership is no longer interested in a recall referendum and keep their followers deceived.

“What you hear in the Assembly is that they (the opposition), no longer want a referendum because they know there is no possibility to do it this year, and now they want to discuss because it is the only option they have to be relatively well before his followers” .

During their participation in the “Con el Pié Izquierdo” (With the Left Foot) program, broadcast by RNV Activa, the revolutionary deputy referred to the part reform of the Telecommunications Act, passed in second discussion by the parliamentary right wing. “This reform will not happen, because it is outside the Constitution, and we will make the request to the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ), for the invalidity and illegality on how it was approved and that it only seeks to restore the neoliberal trend in the area of telecommunications” .

In this regard, the deputy said that the reform of the Telecommunications Act aims to put the opposition’s hands on Conatel and its board in order to remove an entire public policy that has succeeded in democratizing the Venezuelan radio-electrical spectrum thanks to the Bolivarian Government.