José Vicente Rangel urged to dialogue as a mean to prevent violence

Hace 2 años.

Venezuelan journalist Jose Vicente Rangel called on Sunday for dialogue between actors that make up the political life of the country, as a way to avoid possible violent actions of those who seek to disrupt the peace of country.

In his program “Jose Vicente Hoy” (Jose Vicente Today), broadcast through a private TV station on Sunday, Rangel said that dialogue “Is the only option, it is the only thing that will streamline the exercise of politics and thus dispel the ghosts of violence.”

He added that in the current situation that is being lived in Venezuela, has played a very important role the behavior of the mass media that pretend to function as an autonomous power without constraints.

“That role of the media distorts the exercise of politics, falsifies the basis of the rule of law and seriously threatens the functioning of democracy,” he said.