Jorge Rodríguez: Voting is key to protect the country from violence

Hace 3 días.

The Vice President of Government for Communication and Culture, Jorge Rodriguez, said this Sunday that the vote shields the country from violence and foreign interference, and also sends a clear message to the world that the affairs of Venezuelans are to be solved by the Venezuelans.

In his opinion, the participation in the elections of May 20, 2018, in which the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the members of the Legislative Council will be elected, is a barrier that protects the country from any aggression.

This was pointed out during his participation in the “José Vicente Hoy” (José Vicente Today) program, during the interview, the also Minister for Communication and Information invited the Venezuelans to vote, whatever their position may be.

He also said that the vast majority of governments in the world will recognize the results of the elections that will be held in the country, and invited all groups or individuals who want to come to observe the elections to come to Venezuela.

He also assured that extremist sectors of the Venezuelan right wing do not want the presence of international observers in the upcoming elections of May 20.

“Who are the ones asking that there is no international observation in the elections in Venezuela?, well, these sectors of right-wing extremism. I know of an American politician who met with these extremist sectors, and these (the political leaders of the opposition), said: ‘everything possible must be done so that there is no international observation’, and then the American leader replied: “It is very strange what you are asking, because if what you say is true, that there will be a fraud on May 20, the logical thing is that there is international observation, so that this supposed fraud is documented,” said Rodríguez. Finally, he emphasized that he estimates that more than 14 million people will vote on May 20.