Jorge Rodriguez: Irregularities in signatures annul possibility of activating a revocatory

Hace 2 años.

The coordinator of the Commission for the verification of signatures, Jorge Rodriguez, reported that one of every three signatures presented in the petition for a revoking referendum are irregular. In his view, this situation “voids” any interest to activate a revocatory referendum in Venezuela.

“There is no way that it can be evaluated and can be said: ‘get out the dirt, the dead ones, the prisoners, “El Picure” ‘and still move on’. That is irresponsible, they committed an irresponsibility by perpetrating this fraud”, said Rodriguez in the program “La Política en el diván” (Politics on the couch).

Among the irregularities is highlighted the repetition of identification numbers, similar handwritings, use of the same fingerprint on the same forms, illegible ID card numbers, among others. are counted more than 11,000 dead people and 312 prisoners signing. Was found the usurped signature of the dead criminal a.k.a. “El Picure”.

People over 136 years also signed the request consigned to the rector body by the MUD party.