Jorge Rodríguez: Attorney General of the Republic betrays her constitutional duties

Hace 8 meses.

The Attorney General of the Republic betrays her constitutional duties by not condemning the vandalic acts promoted by sectors of the Venezuelan opposition, as denounced the Mayor of the Bolivarian Municipality of Libertador, Jorge Rodríguez.

“Assuming my position that the Attorney General is a traitor, I do not mean at a political level, that’s up to her and her pillow, I do not mean a betrayal of friendship. But I mean treason to her duties as Attorney General of the Republic. I refer to the induction of situations in Venezuela that generate deaths”, said Rodríguez during his program “La Política en el Díván” (Politics in the Divan).

Rodríguez said the Attorney General has no right to lie to the country, “You have no right to betray this book (the Constitution), you have no right to fabricate evidences, to lie about some expertise regarding a Venezuelan who was murdered in the Chacao municipality” said the Mayor, regarding  young Orlando Figuera who was burned alive in Altamira.

He questioned the actions of Ortega Díaz assuring that her actions at present do not agree with her deployment in the “guarimbas” (riots) of 2014 led by Leopoldo López.

He recalled that in 2014 the Prosecutor said that closing streets was a crime, “You demonstrated in the prosecution the damages conceived by Leopoldo Lopez, and told me a sentence that I have still present today: You told me “This time Lopez stepped out of line, I will impute him …” There you go with your uneasy sleep, which is one of the symptoms of betrayal of convictions, but for you to have become the marker of violence is unforgivable . You should do exactly the opposite”, he assured.

He stressed that the official has maintained her position of rejection of a dialogue promoted by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, with the convening of a National Constituent Assembly.

“The Chairman of the Presidential Commission for the National Constituent Assembly, Elias Jaua has summoned her. The whole country came to speak and give an opinion, including the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference (CEV) … The MUD, Fedecámaras (the businessmen chamber) and you were the only ones who refused to go to a dialogue”.

The burgomaster called on the official to set a position on the numerous proven cases of children who are trained by sectors of the right wing to die, as well as all the deaths of innocent Venezuelans orchestrated by the provocateurs of violence “You do not seem to be hurt by some of these deaths”, he said.

Rodríguez again blamed Freddy Guevara and Lilian Tintori for calling for a destruction of peace, which threatens the quality of life of a people who want to progress and live in peace.

He condemned the events that occurred Monday in the Chacao municipality, where the headquarters of the Executive Directorate of the Magistracy and the agency of the Provincial Bank on this building were burned, facts that, according to the mayor, are promoted by the Attorney General and the Public Ministry.