Jaua: From the NA has been boycotted the CRBV to seek for a foreign intervention

Hace 2 años.

From the adeco (*)- bourgeois National Assembly (NA) has boycotted the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (CRBV) to seek for a foreign intervention in Venezuela, said on Tuesday afternoon the socialist deputy of the Homeland Bloc, Elias Jaua.

“(…) What has been done is to permanently boycott, sabotage, disrupt and to put themselves at the margins of the Constitution to generate and promote a foreign intervention (…) we are obliged, at the expense of our own lives, to protect the independence and peace of Venezuela in order to avoid a civil war that these irresponsible persons intended to generate”, said Jaua.

From the seat of the Legislature in Caracas, Jaua told the media that the decree of a State of Exception and Economic Emergency is to protect the people and to ensure peace, contrary to the decrees of the Fourth Republic, which repressed the people.

“President Nicolas Maduro has made extraordinary efforts in recent months to ensure the people’s social protection, system recovery food distribution and maintain a level of power supply in the midst of the greatest economic difficulties, of a paramilitarized violence in action and a political violence that since 15 days ago leads the crazed governor Henrique Capriles”, he said.

In that sense, the socialist deputy reiterated that violence, paramilitarized and charterized in criminal gangs operating in a political way, force the Head of State to take extraordinary measures to ensure peace and restore the prosperity that the Venezuelan people achieved in the years of the Bolivarian Revolution, “that is the goal of the State of Exception that the President of the Republic has signed”.

Jaua said that the adeco- bourgeois NA has a debate without having arrived a communication by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, regarding the Decree. “It has been denied in an illegal and irritated manner by this absolutely irresponsible majority”.

“The ongoing foreign aggression is a product of the lobby made by opposition members in various countries,” he said, while adding that these plans are being developed from the financial, diplomatic and even the military standpoint, in order to violate the sovereignty of the people .

(*): “Adeco” refers to anything or anyone belonging to the right-wing “Acción Democrática” political party.