Jaua: Elections will tell the world that Venezuela lives in peace and democracy

Hace 5 meses.

“The regional elections, scheduled for October 15, are the setting to tell the world that Venezuela lives in peace and under a robust democracy”, said on Wednesday the Socialist leader Elías Jaua.

“By voting on Sunday we will send a message to those who want to attack Venezuela, we will be voting for independence and peace and telling the world that the problems of Venezuelans will be solved among Venezuelans”, he said through his “Encuentro Popular” (Popular Meeting) program, broadcast by YVKE Mundial.

He reiterated that the revolutionary vote should be given in a massive and forceful manner, since reaching most of the governorships “will allow to consolidate government policies and continue working on economic recovery”, for that reason he called for giving the whole for the whole through the 4 × 4 machinery “and thus continue consolidating this historic project”.