Istúriz: We will break the economic war’s backbone because it is the enemy of the people

Hace 2 años.

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This Saturday, the Vice President of the Republic, Aristobulo Isturiz, participated in the inauguration ceremony of the structures of Youth of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela in Monagas state.

From Maturin, the Vice President said the country “needs a productive economic model that does not affect the employment or education, or health (…) That is why President Maduro has created the Bolivarian Economic Agenda with the 15 engines. We have a moral and political obligation to protect our people. ”

Isturiz called on the youth of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) in Monagas state to join the Great Mission Sovereign and Safe Supply, “a strategy to govern the productive and distributive processes, protecting our people through the ensuring to the access of foods, we have to break the backbone to the economic war because it is the worst enemy of the people “.

He noted that the first phase of the Mission Sovereign Supply, is the command and control of the production.

Likewise, he said the country began a takeoff of progress since June, after 6 months of resistance. “Today, we recognize the heroic Venezuelan people who have given an example to the world”.

“The organized people is the tool to address the economic war,” said the Executive Vice President, Aristobulo Isturiz.