Isturiz: Obama uses all the resources of the oligarchy to liquidate Venezuela

Hace 2 años.

President Barack Obama will not rest, in the short time he has left at the front of the Presidency of the United States, to impose the doctrine of “backyard” in Latin America, as said the Vice President of the Republic, Aristobulo Isturiz.

“President Obama has little time left, and in that short time me hade the purpose to use all the resources of the oligarchy, the power of money and factic powers to liquidate the Governments of the peoples, among these that of Venezuela. Here they have done everything, and they have not been able to defeat us, nor will they be able to”.

What happened in Brazil, politically, is to charge Dilma Rousseff and Luis Inacio “Lula” da Silva what they did for the people, with this action imperialism told them: “We do not want more Governments that respond to their people, but Governments that respond to the interests of large transnationals”.

He recalled that last year through an executive order, Obama qualified Venezuela as an extraordinary and unusual threat for the national security of the US, a declaratory preceding wars, and yet they could not defeat the Venezuelan people who collected 10 million signatures in rejection of this action, which also was rejected by the countries participating in the Summit of the Americas in Panama.

“If they do here what they did in Brazil, the response of this people will be the same one as we gave in April (2002)”, said Isturiz as part of the slogan repeated by the people of Anzoategui state during an extraordinary session of the Legislative Council, held in the capital of Anzoategui state, in solidarity with the fraternal Brazilian people.