Isturiz: Financial system in Venezuela is healthy, transparent and solvent

Hace 2 años.

During the activation of the Banking and Finances Engine held on Wednesday from the Simon Bolivar Hall of the Central Bank of Venezuela, the Vice President of the Republic, Aristobulo Isturiz, said the financial system in the country is healthy, transparent and solvent, despite the crisis in Venezuela.

He said that public banks have incomparable characteristics compared to other countries that are not even close to living a crisis like this.

In this regard, he stressed that while in developed countries such as Spain there is an unemployment rate of over 20%, in Venezuela it is only at 6%, which represents the effort that has been made by the National Government.

Also, Isturiz made mention of the achievements of the Revolution: “We are in a crisis where an 85% of the elderly are pensioners. A country like this, with this crisis, is like this because in this country the medicines were free (…), here the crisis is greater because at the schools students eat three times daily”, he said.

In another vein, he said that should be created a new system for the collection, management and distribution of foreign exchange, assuming that the ideal thing is that everything that is produced in the country can be exported.