Istúriz calls to guarantee the vote before plans to promote abstention

Hace 2 días.

“The fundamental target of the empire in relation to Venezuela are the elections. They will do everything possible so that there are no elections, in the first place (…) They will seek to promote and strengthen abstention”,”assured the vice president for the Territorial Socialism of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Aristóbulo Istúriz, who called on the militancy of this political organization to prepare to guarantee the vote of Venezuelans on May 20.

Istúriz emphatically reiterated that the main goal of the US Government is to prevent elections and “we have the obligation to guarantee elections in peace” and a massive participation of the electorate in order to dismantle the campaigns of lies promoted by the opposition and the international oligarchy in the world.

For the also Minister of Communes and Social Movements: “democracy will be demonstrated on May 20, (will be shown)who are the democrats and who are the coup plotters, those who drag before the empire, the stateless ones. To defend this country we have to consolidate democracy here and in front of the world, and that is achieved with a massive participation on May 20”.

He also assured that the empire has prepared a post-electoral plan, which consists in ignoring the electoral results by disqualifying the Venezuelan electoral system and it will be launched as of May 21.

For her part, the journalist and vice president of Agitation, Propaganda and Communication of the PSUV, Tania Díaz, during the “Dando y Dando-Radio” (Taking and Giving- Radio) program, led by Istúriz on the RNV Informative channel signal, asked the people to be aware of what represents the coming electoral process for the future of the nation.

In this regard, he referred to the request made to the vice president of the United States, Mike Pence, during the Summit of the Americas in Peru, by opposition leader Antonio Ledezma, who did not hesitate to request a “humanitarian intervention” in Venezuela.

“Ledezma is asking him to reproduce in Venezuela the entire scheme of Libya, that deserves the condemnation and repudiation of the entire Venezuelan people. Those bad sons of this land who do not deserve to be Venezuelans”, he said.