Isaias Rodriguez: There is a possibility in the constitution to dissolve the parliament

Hace 2 años.

The ambassador of Venezuela in Italy, Isaias Rodriguez, who was a member of the board of the National Constituent Assembly in 1999, said this Wednesday that within the Venezuelan Constitution there exists a possibility that the President of the Republic may be able to dissolve the Parliament.

“Here in this Constitution there is a possibility with which the President can dissolve the parliament,” said the diplomat during the ceremony commemorating the 17 years of having installed the National Constituent Assembly, held at the National Pantheon, in Caracas.

The former constituent stated that the rule that confers to the Venezuelan Head of State the power to dissolve the current National Assembly was brought from France, an European country whose regime is semi-presidential, unlike the European parliamentary regimes and other Presidential regimes in Latin America.

“Did you know why we brought it here, or do you know why that rule exists in the French constitution?, Because it is customary in the French parliamentarism, or was customary in the French parliamentarism that the parliamentarians would hinder the work of the Executive Power, and therefore that ruling was implementated and they have applied it twice in France. It is a way to ensure the institutional stability of a State”, he stressed.

The former Attorney General of the Republic said that the Venezuelan regime is not parliamentarian, as it happens in some European countries, but it neither is a presidentialist one, as in Latin America, but it is semi-Presidential.

“This regime, not only is not parliamentarian, I will dare to say something bolder, for me it is neither a presidentialist one, it is semi-presidentialist, because in our system all the power lies in the Constitutional Court, it is in the Judiciary Power”, he said .