Irresponsible opposition continues deceiving their followers

Hace 9 meses.

“It is important for the opposition leaders not to continue deceiving the people who somehow follow them, it is an irresponsibility for them to create again false expectations as they did last year with the recall referendum process”.

The statement was released on Monday by the rector of the National Electoral Council (CNE) Tania D’Amelio, during her participation in the “Con Amorin” (With Amorin) program, referring to the call of the right wing to call a referendum without the participation of the CNE on whether or not to approve the installation of a National Constituent Assembly (ANC).

In the opinion of the rector, it is useless for a parliament such as the Venezuelan one, which is legally under contempt, to exclude from a national consultative process the country’s top (electoral) authority whose main duty is to accompany, organize and execute the electoral processes of the nation.

“Instead of continuing to deceive their followers, (they) better participate in this inclusive and democratic process. Reinforcing democracy, peace and love in Venezuela through the Constituent Assembly, that is what our children and grandchildren need in a blessed country such as ours”, said the high official.