International Homeland Congress rejects brutal disinformation campaign against Venezuela

Hace 2 años.

On behalf of the 22 delegates who participated in the Homeland Congress, International chapter in Caracas, former Colombian senator and human rights defender, Piedad Cordoba, unveiled a joint statement this meeting, where is manifested the solidarity with the Bolivarian Government against the media onslaught against Venezuela, and the unrestricted support for the actions taken by President Nicolas Maduro in order to overcome the economic war and the international financial blockade.

“We the delegates representing 17 countries in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia, gathered in the hometown of Simon Bolivar and Francisco de Miranda, express our solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution at a time when the international right wing establishes a brutal campaign of disinformation on the Venezuelan social, economic and political reality, and in this regard, we support the people and the Bolivarian Government”, said Cordoba, from the National Pantheon.

She also said that in the country there is not a humanitarian crisis, but international politics of vilification, orchestrated from Washington, which have undertaken blockades that are not being made in nations that are at war.

“Venezuela is living, since 17 years ago, a humanist, autonomous, sovereign project, created by Commander Chavez, and which is now continued by President Maduro, who will not accept any foreign interferences”, she said.

The occasion was propitious for the former senator to thank for the support of Venezuela in the peace process in Colombia.

“I want to thank the Eternal Commander Hugo Chavez and you, as birth-giver of the history of my country, as the two architects of what is about to be signed, which is peace in Colombia. I wholeheartedly thank you very much, because I can attest to all the efforts, work, commitment until the last moment, not only of Commander Chavez, but of you as a craftsman of what we are about to celebrate today”, she said.