International Day of the Rights of Childbirth and Birth

Hace 9 meses.

President Nicolás Maduro recalled in his account in the Facebook social network the celebration in Venezuela of the International Day of the Rights of Childbirth and Birth.

“On the International Day of the Rights of Humanized Childbirth and Birthing, from Venezuela we promoted the idea of granting Constitutional status to this right of women, to have reproductive health and painless and humanized births, guaranteed by the State, to protect the life of mothers and babies.

The process of pregnancy and childbirth requires as much support as possible in matters of medical care, hospital spaces and close monitoring of the evolution and development of the future Homeland that is in the wombs, loaded with hope and love in order to heal the world.

Therefore, I call upon women who have run for election to the Constituent Assembly, to discuss in the debates the inclusion of these rights and thus we grant Constitutional rank to the Humanized Childbirth, so that birth may fully be the most sublime act of love of the life of the new generations”.