IEA provides fraudulent information to lower oil prices

Hace 2 años.

“The Government of Barack Obama makes every effort to lower oil prices through fraudulent information provided by the International Energy Agency (IEA), an organization aimed at lowering oil barrel prices, but without affecting the United States. ”

The statement was made by the international analyst and expert in oil matters, Vladimir Adrianza, during his participation in the “La Patria Nueva” (The new Homeland) program, broadcast by the RNV Informative Channel, regarding the stratagem by the Obama administration to destroy the Latin American union and dominate the region.

Adrianza stressed that it has come to light of the international public opinion that the IEA (An agency which is responsible for monitoring energy data and the supply and demand of crude oil), computed un-existing surpluses on barrels of oil using false data provided by the transnationals, in order to look to destabilize prices of this item in the market, since the higher the over-supply, the lower the selling price.

The oil expert said that the exploitation of shale oil with the fracking method by the United States with the sole purpose of flooding the international market to bring about the fall in prices, “is like scraping the pot to keep their oil reserve, and thus affect the economies of hydrocarbons exporting countries through a practice that can only be used for a few years, but that will probably be short lived, and therefore the price per barrel will bounce back”.

This situation, which adds to the list of failures of the Government of Barack Obama, forces him to respond to large US corporations by trying to activate all possible destabilizing mechanisms that allow him to recover such an important geopolitical area in the energy field as is the Oil Strip of Venezuela.