I deliver the power to you to decide the destiny of the Homeland

Hace 12 meses.

This May 3, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, officially activated the convening to the original constituent power.

“I deliver the power to you, so that the people decides which will be the destiny of the Homeland. Today I have handed over the power to the people and the people must say if they want war or want peace, if they want a “guarimba” (riot) or want a constituent (assembly), if they want violence or want life”, he said during a popular assembly held in the Plaza Caracas square, after handing over to the Electoral Power the decree to convene a National Constituent Assembly.

He urged the revolutionary forces to mobilize, to seek and convince the people to create an army of peace and conquer the National Constituent Assembly.

“I call on all the Ubchs, all the Clap, all the Communal Councils and Communes to the territorial battle to conquer the Constituent Assembly. We have to join forces to have a decisive majority and with all the original power go to a recomposition of the country. I want a great revolutionary change through the Constituent Assembly”, he said.

The Head of State especially called on the youth to participate in this constituent process, and reiterated that he wants to be included in the constitution a chapter devoted on youth.

He explained that are being established in the electoral bases to elect members of the Constituent Assembly in a direct, secret and universal way.

“They (the opposition) went out to lie, to say that I was calling on a constituent where I would choose the constituents myself”, said the National President.

Finally, he expressed his confidence in the people and in the victory of the Constituent Assembly, on that it will become a great source of change.