I aspire to emerge wise voices from the opposition

Hace 10 meses.

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, urged on Thursday opposition sectors to stop the violence, perpetrated by groups of shock and vandalism that has left a balance of 67 deaths and more than 1,000 injured.

“Truth, justice and peace. I aspire, and so I say, I aspire that from the opposition arise some wise voices and stop this madness. To have fallen into the lowness, the misery, of looking for children, for some young people with problems of drug addiction. I make a call on the MUD (Board of Democratic Unity). How far will the madness, the unbridled ambition of power carry them?. They have no leader, nor a project”, said the Head of State in a joint radio and television broadcasts.

During his speech, the Head of State showed a video, which shows how sectors of the opposition finance youth and underage minors to generate violence during opposition demonstrations.

In the audiovisual material, a 15-year-old boy tells how clash groups, led by the deputy to the National Assembly by the Primero Justicia party, Miguel Pizarro; he paid them Bs 60,000 each for every call by the opposition.

He explained that this payment was made by a bank transfer to the leader of the group; and he indicated as well that they bring from abroad “drugs, alcohol, gunpowder, bullets to put on the mortars. The one who supports all this is Mr. Miguel Pizarro, who ordered to bring about 30 shields (for combat)”.