Homeland Congress, an instrument of participation and involvement of the People

Hace 2 años.

From this Friday starts off the April, May and June of activation, deployment, multiplication and organization of the Homeland Congress, as a major instrument of participation and involvement of all the people of Venezuela in order to overcome the economic war and the attacks by the right wing, as said on Wednesday night the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, from Miraflores Palace in Caracas.

After completing a working session with the team coordinating the Homeland Congress, the Head of State stressed that are noting the ample nature of the Homeland Congress, which starts with new force since this Friday, April 1.

He noted that the Revolution “Goes with a firm pace, very aware of what we are, and giving the chest and  face to the early dawning sun of April”.

He reported that they have been working from the 19 committees of the Homeland Congress, on which was made a wide called nationwide, in order to incorporate new compatriots in the defense of the Revolution.

The also President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela recalled that the Homeland Congress has an activation agenda for April 13 and 14, in which will be made a national meeting of all columns, patriotic and revolutionary sectors that make up the Homeland Congress 2016, on which will be activated the Economic Plan to defeat the economic war.

He reiterated that the second quarter of 2016 must be to gain ground in the economic recovery, in the attention of the people, in alleviating some of the problems that have accumulated as a result of the downfall in oil prices and the economic war, ” Creating conditions for the 14 engines to go generating a new cycle of growth, of expansion of the new production forces to free ourselves from oil and its dependence, without abandoning the recovery of the oil market”.