Homeland Card will focus on social demands

Hace 1 año.

In rejection of the matrix of opinion that the right wing has sought to position, the call made by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, for the process of issuing the Homeland Card ruined all the forecasts made by the opposition and exceeded expectations made by the Government authorities.

“The response that the people gave to the call of President Maduro was overwhelming,” said Aristóbulo Istúriz, Vice President for the Social Area, during the “Dando y Dando-Radio” (Taking and Giving-Radio) program, which he leads through the signal of RNV Informative channel, together with the Minister for Women And Gender Equality, Blanca Eekhout.

“Were exceeded all expectations, it overflowed us. Nobody expected that so many people would attend and the way we dosed the application of the issuing of cards surpassed us, expectations were below the reaction of the people. ”

On this tool, he clarified that the Homeland Card will focus on social demands for articulation with social protection policies, and in turn raise efficiency levels of the mechanisms of support of the people.

Through the card “we can easily detect in which region there is a greater demand for a social line or policy, whether in the areas of Barrio Adentro, educational missions, pensions or cards. That also prevents a person who has one home from having another. It allows us to go detecting those needs. ”

The Homeland Card allows to detect where there are major needs. “If we have a base of missions and there is someone who has not yet benefited from a certain policy, be it Mission Robinson or Ribas, then I already will know, with the card, how many compatriots need to apply for Mission Robinson or Ribas.”