Homeland bloc rejects interventionist resolution of the European Parliament

Hace 2 años.

Through its Twitter account (@BloqueDePatria) deputies of the Homeland bloc issued a statement on Wednesday, rejecting the resolution of the European Parliament regarding the “situation of Venezuela”.

In the letter, the Bolivarian parliamentarians repudiate this kind of “interfering” behavior.

Following, the statement:

Parliamentary Homeland Bloc on the resolution by the European Parliament regarding the “situation of Venezuela”

Once again, the European Parliament issued a resolution referring to the internal affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. In this regard, the Parliamentary Homeland Bloc declares:

1. It is solely for the Venezuelan people and its legitimately constituted institutions, to address and resolve any internal matter, in accordance with the provisions of our Constitution and other laws of the Republic, as part of the full exercise of National Sovereignty and Independence we conquered after defeating European colonies 200 years ago.

2. The European Parliament and any other foreign institution has no authority to intervene in our internal affairs. In this regard, we reject the interventionist resolution adopted today in the plenary of the Parliament, as a violation of our sovereignty and the principles of international law.

3. We warn on that the statements of institutions such as the European Parliament concerning the internal affairs of Venezuela, can severely disrupt the efforts pioneered by UNASUR and former Presidents Rodriguez Zapatero, Torrijos and Fernandez, regarding the establishment of a dialogue between the democratically elected Government and the Venezuelan opposition.

4. We denounce the insistence of institutions such as the European Parliament to declare an alleged humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, it aims to justify a military intervention in our territory, aimed at destroying the Bolivarian Revolution and hijack the natural resources that are an exclusive patrimony of the Venezuelan people . In this regard, we urge the European Parliament to concentrate on solving the serious humanitarian crisis affecting millions of unemployed and dispossessed in their territories, victims of neoliberalism, and especially the humanitarian crisis suffered by hundreds of thousands of migrants fleeing the genocidal wars executed or endorsed by their Governments.

5. We reiterate the call on the Venezuelan people to remain on alert and in permanent mobilization to protect the sacred Homeland against this onslaught of global hegemonic powers.