History! President Maduro signed collective agreement for Magisterium workers

Hace 2 años.

The President of the Republic Nicolas Maduro, signed the first single collective agreement for Education Workers in order to continue building the social happiness with love and justice. This was at Miralores Palace, in Caracas.

The document was signed by 15 unions of the Magisterium, 5 of them from teaching , 9 from Administrative and 3 by worker personnel.

The educational leaders took advantage of the meeting to request to the Head of State the articulation of policies for the benefit of educational workers, such as the development of the Workingman’s Mercal, and projects along with the Ministry of People’s Power for Housing and Habitat.

Maduro called to defend the Collective Convention, a landmark achievement that was made concrete in the grounds of the Miraflores Palace, which is now of the people and the working class.

Previously, the President said through his account on the Twitter social network that “Amidst the storm, the oil prices downfall, the economic war, we continue advancing in social investment for equality and happiness.”

He also noted that along with the Bolivarian Economic Agenda and the 14 motors, will be activated the social happiness agenda! The Bolivarian Revolution will not give up”, he said.

Nicolas Maduro
“Soon I will sign the first SingleCollectiveConvention of the Education Workers … Building Social Happiness with Love and Justice ..”
17:09 – 29 Mar 2016

Nicolas Maduro
“Amidst the storm, the oil prices downfall, the economic war, we are advancing in the Social Investment for Equality and Happiness …”
17:10 – 29 Mar 2016

Nicolas Maduro
“Along with the BolivarianEconomicAgenda and the 14 motors we go activating the Social Happiness Agenda. The Bolivarian Revolution does not give up !!”
17:14 – 29 Mar 2016