Historic achievement! Government delivered 1,150,000th housing

Hace 1 año.

With the delivery of 117 decent housings in Guatire, Miranda state, the National Government on Thursday reached the figure of 1,150,000 housings delivered across the country since 2011.

The activity was led by the Minister for Habitat and Housing, Manuel Quevedo, who qualified as historical the figure of housings delivered, allowing to vindicate the Venezuelan families who during the 5th Republic had no access to a decent place to live.

“We will continue to build the sovereign Homeland (…) this record breaking milestone in housing,” he said.

For its part, the mayor of the Plaza municipality, Thais Oquendo, noted that the Great Mission Housing Venezuela has built only in Miranda state 124,690 houses, and therefore thanked President Nicolas Maduro for continuing to drive this social program, despite the current economic situation.