Hinterlaces: PSUV is the main political force of the country

Hace 1 año.

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) continues to be the main political force in the country, according to the latest opinion poll by the Hintelaces polling company, which states that this political organization concentrates 29% of the sympathy of the population.

In the survey, presented by the journalist José Vicente Rangel, during the Sunday program, “José Vicente Hoy” (José Vicente Today), it is pointed out that the parties grouped in the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) have a 1% acceptance, concentrating a total of 30%.

In reference to the study carried out between January 13 and 24, 2017, based on 1,580 direct interviews in homes across the country, Rangel said that “There has not been a rupture between the Bolivarian project as a hope of social emancipation.”

“For more than 15 years the Venezuelan society was influenced by the persistent and pedagogical discourse of Hugo Chavez, based on the values of equality, inclusion, dignity and participation of the people, because it shaped a new national identity that became an ideology that still prevails.”

The MUD (opposition coalition), as recorded in the study, registered 8% of sympathy, Primero Justicia 5%, Voluntad Popular 5%, AD 4%, Un Nuevo Tiempo 2% and other opposition parties 2%, for a total of 26%, in Contrast with 39% who did not identify with any political organization.