Hinterlaces: 74% of Venezuelans support dialogue for peace

Hace 2 años.

The dialogue process promoted by the Bolivarian Government with the participation of former Presidents Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero from Spain; Leonel Fernandez from the Dominican Republic, and Martin Torrijos from Panama, is supported by a 74 percent of Venezuelans.

This information is the result of the study made in a universe of 500,000 respondents, between June 7 and 15 this year, in order to know the opinion of the population on the measures applied by the State to overcome the current economic situation .

According to data provided on Sunday by journalist José Vicente Rangel, the survey also reports that an 82 percent of the population is in favor of having an international mediation to promote dialogue, a work being currently met by Zapatero, Fernandez and Torrijos.

When evaluating the Organization of American States (OAS), whose Secretary General, Luis Almagro, encourages a non-binding application of the Democratic Charter against Venezuela, a 60 percent of respondents have an unfavorable position.

In contrast, an 89 percent agrees with the possibility for Pope Francis to mediate between the Government and the opposition.

Similarly, a 67 percent of Venezuelans reject the possibility of launching an international intervention against Venezuela to oust President Maduro, and an 84 percent is against international military intervention.