Hinterlaces: 69% of the Venezuelan population believes NA should contribute to the economic situation

Hace 2 años.

The director of the Hinterlaces polling company, Oscar Schemel, said on Sunday that a 69% of Venezuelans believe that the current National Assembly should contribute to the solution of the economic problems in the country.

Likewise, Schemel explained that the Venezuelan population feels “frustrated” because of the lack of proposals by the Venezuelan opposition after the elections on December 6. “Despair and discomfort have increased, (…) what the people are seeing is that the triumph of the opposition has generated more confrontation.”

In an interview during the “Jose Vicente Hoy” (Jose Vicente Today) program, broadcast by Televen, the political analyst and president of the firm, Oscar Schemel said that “the opposition has opted for a more political route, designed to oust President Nicolas Maduro from power”

He explained that “in January, more than 50% of Venezuelans prefer the Government to resolve the economic problems, and that is a great opportunity for the president, he should land on the problems of the people, to establish the emotional connection (…) the people is expecting order, efficiency, solutions and results. ”

“The Chavismo is an impressive symbolic and cultural power. The opposition, meanwhile, is an electoral force, but it is not a symbolic, cultural force, it has no presence in the streets, it has not an identity of its own, it lacks a program of its own”, said the president of Hinterlaces.

He warned that “It cannot be denied the existence of a ferocious international campaign to discredit the Chavista leadership and to create chaos in the Venezuelan society”

Similarly, he criticized that the opposition has taken “the way to push the political crisis to worsen the economic situation and cause a chaos that ends in the ousting of President Nicolas Maduro.”

Schemel said that in the country there is an infiltration of Colombian paramilitary gangs that have increased security problems. “This is not a problem of thefts and petty thefts, but organized gangs that occupy territories and which establish their power”.