Hermann Escarra: Numbers do not match to activate revoking referendum this year

Hace 2 años.

During his participation in the “Jose Vicente Hoy” (Jose Vicente Today) program this Sunday, the constitutional lawyer, Hermann Escarrá, said that the time for making the revoking referendum is not enough.

“There are many Venezuelans who do not agree with the lies, numbers do not match for the revoking referendum to be made this year. There is a mishandling by the opposition in this regard, because the country is beginning to see the mess, the lack of seriousness in their approach”, he said.

Escarrá explained that for this mechanism to be activated, is needed that a 20 percent of the voter registration (4 million Venezuelans) must request it to the Electoral Power. At the end of this phase, it goes to a decision with a higher number of votes than those with which was elected the Constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which are more than 7,500,000 votes.

Likewise, he expressed that the National Assembly made a serious mistake by stating at the beginning of this year that the cessation of the mandate of the Head of State would happen in the following six months, while he also referred to the manipulation of the activation of the Inter-American Democratic Charter the Organization of American States, saying that the one to activate it is the President of the affected country, in defense of its Constitutional order, and not the international organization.

“In a personal manner, Mr. Almagro made a report and goes beyond that, he makes a request to the Permanent Council to make a collective assessment that could not be made by an incorrect interpretation he has on Article 20 of the Inter-American Democratic Charter, of the Vienna treaties, this is, you can not go to the confrontation he was speaking about if there is not a depletion of solving the internal problems of a State”, he stressed.