Héctor Rodríguez: The Revolution will continue to invite dialogue for peace

Hace 1 año.

The Head of the Parliamentary Bloc of the Homeland, Héctor Rodríguez, reiterated the call for dialogue to the Venezuelan opposition in order “to impose peace, the Constitution and democracy in the country.”

“The Bolivarian Revolution extends its hand and invites and will continue to invite to dialogue and debate. We have to impose peace, the Constitution and democracy. That is why from the United Socialist Party of Venezuela we support the insistent call for dialogue, debate and peace that makes President Nicolás Maduro who has been a guarantor for in Venezuela to impose peace”, said Rodriguez at a press conference held in Caracas.

“Since 500 years ago on one side we are those who are ready to do everything for being free, for equality, for justice, and on the other side are those who believe that they can make us a slave people to the empire of the moment. Today the same differences exist and tomorrow they will surely continue to exist, the great debate is wether those differences we should determine by the way that Chavez opened, of democracy, of the constitution; or wether we determine it through the “guarimbas” (street riots), “he said.

On the other hand, Rodríguez reported that a schedule of activities to start the week of youth was carried out through cultural, sports, communication and training activities to be held in various states of the country.

He called on the Venezuelan youth to mobilize next Sunday, February 12 from the University of Arts in Caracas. “We call on all the Venezuelan, Chavista, Bolivarian youth, who loves, dreams and builds a country, to get mobilized”, he said.

He mentioned that in some communities the process to enroll into the Homeland Card (Carnet de la Patria) has not arrived, and so he asked for patience. “This card will allows us to know exactly what mission is coming to the communities (…) and allows us to give a new impulse to the starring democracy. That is why we call to register in the card of the country and we invite the whole structure of the party, to help and ensure that no patriot who wants to enroll is left without his card”, he emphasized.