Hector Rodriguez: Politics of fraud is taking over the MUD

Hace 2 años.

As a violation of the Constitution, the Public Power and the will of the Venezuelan people, described on Thursday deputy Hector Rodriguez the actions of the right wing bench in the National Assembly, to their refusal to recognize that was committed an electoral fraud in Amazonas state in the parliamentary elections.

“It makes me very sad that the opposition deputies say that today there was an ethical debate because it is a notorious fact that there was a fraud in the elections in Amazonas state”, said the head of the Homeland bloc, referring to the attempt by the opposition parliamentarians to incorporate in their seats to members of Amazonas state who were overruled by the Supreme Court of Justice.

In his remarks, Rodriguez showed the deceitful and fraudulent position that is taking over the Democratic Unity Board (MUD) and warned that from now on, all actions taken by the National Assembly are illegal as long as the deputies by Amazonas state are incorporated.

“What happened today is an illegal act that will have legal consequences. The Chairman of the National Assembly is not the one to decide whether or not to comply with a judgment of the Supreme Court, is the Constitution, “said the parliamentarian.